JFNA-IDI Webinar - Israel's New Government

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Eric Fingerhut, CEO and President of the JFNA with Yohanan Plesner, President of IDI and Prof. Suzie Navot, VP of IDI discuss the new government's legislation proposals and the future of Israeli democracy. January 2023.


3:15 – Is the electoral crisis over?
8:35 – Why do secular Israelis feel threatened?
12:40 – Why are people so concerned about the proposed judicial reforms?
16:30 – Understanding the Israeli judge selection system in comparison with the American system.
19:20 – What is the primary issue underlying these reforms?
23:55 – The law of return
29:20 – LGBTQ Rights
35:10 – Israeli demographics
38:10 – How will the new government impact Arab Israelis?
43:00 – The question of Arab participation in government.
49:00 – Is Israeli democracy under threat?
55:00 – The role of global Jewry in Israeli politics