The Workers' Party



Founded in 1995 

Daam, The Workers' Party, was established in 1995 by Arab and Jewish social activists. This party is a socialist party and calls for strengthening the status of Jewish and Palestinian workers in order to bring about solidarity in society. Daam opposed the Oslo Accords at the time when they were signed, but supports the establishment of a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders and the dismantling of all Jewish settlements.

Socially, Daam is opposed to the privatization of social services and calls on the government to nationalize public services and industries that have been shut down. In addition, Daam advocates raising corporate tax and reducing the taxation of workers. Daam supports full equality between the sexes and demands increased enforcement of legislation intended to ensure equal pay for men and women.

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
2019 Platform Platform
2013 3,546 - 0.1 Candidates Candidates Platform Platform
2009 2,645 - 0.1 Candidates Candidates
2006 3,692 - 0.1 Candidates Candidates
2003 1,925 - 0.1 Candidates Candidates
1999 2,151 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates
1996 1,351 - 0.0 Candidates Candidates

Note that most of the information is in Hebrew. The list of candidates and platform PDF for 2013 are in English.