Union of Right-Wing Parties

Jewish Home - National Union - Otzma Yehudit

Union of Right-Wing Parties

Founded in 2019

The Union of Right-Wing Parties is a joint electoral list formed before the 2019 elections by the Jewish Home, National Union and the far-right Otzma Yehudit. The Jewish Home and the National Union decided to continue their cooperation from the previous two elections. Shortly before the deadline of submitting the lists, the two parties were under fierce pressure to also bring in Otzma Yehudit, a far-right party of the disciples of Meir Kahane. This was perceived as a step aimed in reducing the risk of wasting votes for the right wing bloc.

Election Year Votes Count Number Of Seats Share Of Votes List Of Candidates Platform
2019 159,468 5 3.7 Candidates Candidates

Rafi Peretz, Bezalel Smotrich, Michael Ben Ari