IDI's Lurie Applauds Move by A-G Mandelblit to Publish Schedule of Meetings

The Israel Democracy Institute yesterday welcomed the decision by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to publish his schedule of meetings. Dr. Guy Lurie, whose research focuses on the role of the attorney-general and the legal system, said the move will allow the public to differentiate between issues that are and are not central on the A-G's agenda.

"In the past, IDI criticized the lack of transparency of the work of A-G Yehuda Weinstein, not because we suspected him of corruption, but rather because we felt it was important that the public be aware of the central issues on the A-G's agenda – and of course, the issues not on his agenda," said Lurie.

"By A-G Mandelblit deciding to publicize his schedule, he expresses an important message about the need for transparency on the part of public institutions toward their citizens," Lurie continued. "We hope Mandelblit will also adopt IDI's recommendation to publish the work plans of every authority under his jurisdiction, which includes hundreds of state's attorneys, and to present annual reports that measure the success of the entire system. This way, the public could receive an impression of the work of his entire office and not just that of the A-G himself."

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