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It Boils Down to Netanyahu’s Conspiracy Theories

Given the dark insinuations in the PM's request for Knesset immunity, a vote in his favor would be a vote of no-confidence in the rule of law


A Vote of Confidence in the Rule of Law

Regardless of the decision regardin PM Netanyahu's request for immunity - the debate will revolve around the more important question: the status of the rule of law in Israel


Only the Voters can Put a Prime Minister Out to Pasture

After lengthy deliberation, the attorney-general, who holds the statutory authority to file charges against him, decided to indict Netanyahu.


Remove Netanyahu Right Now on Grounds of Temporary Incapacity

There's an unacceptable, extreme conflict of interest between Netanyahu the accused and Netanyahu, head of the executive branch


Israel's Political Crisis and the Challenge of Populism

Actual policy making in a liberal democracy is based on sophisticated nuances.


The Knesset is not a Sanctuary

This claim was first put forth in a letter from the Knesset’s legal adviser, Eyal Yinon, to the speaker of the Knesset with regard to the situation of MK Haim Katz.


Justice in the Courtroom, Not in the Streets

Our level-headed, intelligent, rational prime minister has lost his good judgment and is inciting against some of the most important institutions of state

Israeli Voice Index

After Indictment - 59% of Israelis Think Netanyahu Should Step Aside

The November 2019 Israeli Voice Index finds that 35% of Israelis think PM Netanyahu should resign and stand trial – of the Likud voters - 37% agree

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Do Not Turn the Knesset into a Sanctuary from the Law

IDI experts issue a statement calling for the Knesset to form a special House Committee to debate immunity

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Statement by IDI on the Attorney General's Announcement

As events unfold, IDI puts out a statement on the Attorney General's breaking announcement to indict Prime Minister Netanayhau

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Overwhelming Support for Retaining Judicial Review Among Right Wing-Voters

A special IDI survey examined attitudes of right wing voters and found that 42% of right-wing voters support a unity government and that 43% oppose additional political power for elected officials at the expense of the Judicial Branch of government.

Israeli Voice Index

The Positions of the Israeli Right-Wing

This special survey examines attitudes of right wing voters on a number of issues related to September's election including the possibility of a unity government and recent proposals that would limit judicial review and oversight of Knesset and government decisions. 


Netanyahu: Down, but Not Out

The Israeli prime minister faces many charges, yet his supporters remain behind him

IDI's Lurie Applauds Move by A-G Mandelblit to Publish Schedule of Meetings

The Israel Democracy Institute yesterday welcomed the decision by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit to publish his schedule of meetings.


With Approval Of Mandelblit: Time to Consider Shortcomings of Outgoing Weinstein

As Israel gets ready to transition to its new Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, now is a good time to ask ourselves: Was Yehuda Weinstein a good Attorney General? An opinion piece by Guy Lurie, which originally appeared in the Jerusalem Post. 


Criteria for Evaluating the Success of the Israeli Attorney General

In an article in The Marker, Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Dr. Guy Lurie recommend ways of ensuring that the performance of the Israeli Attorney General is evaluated on a regular and systematic basis.


Adviser or Prosecutor? Israel's Attorney General Can't be Both

IDI Vice President Yedidia Stern asserts that there is a conflict of interest between the Attorney General’s two functions—as State Attorney and State Prosecutor—and the office must be split in two. 


Heart vs. Head: The Case of Hanin Zoabi

Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Admiral Ami Ayalon argue that while the heart has difficulty defending MK Hanin Zoabi's freedom of expression, the head demands that we object to the decision to remove her from parliamentary activity for six months.


Does Israel Need a Police Prosecution Department?

In an op-ed in <em>Haaretz</em>, IDI Vice President Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Dr. Guy Lurie call for reform that will abolish the Police Prosecution Department, leaving the Police to investigate and the Public Prosecution to bring criminal charges.


A Preemptive Strike on Iran: Who has the Authority to Decide?

As the world considers the threat of a nuclear Iran, Israeli public discourse has focused primarily on whether or not Israel should launch a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. But who has the authority to decide whether a military operation should be conducted? In this article, IDI Vice President Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and researcher Eyal Tsur explore the strengths and weaknesses of the current division of responsibility regarding this matter, and recommend ways of improving the system.


Minister of Justice Friedman vs. The Judicial System

Last week, the Justice Minister proposed a bill aimed at separating the duties of the Attorney General from those of the Public Prosecutor. Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer writes that Friedman's several attempts to introduce changes to the judicial system should be seen for what they are: a part of his larger agenda of weakening the judicial system.