New School Year 2019

Almost 1.8 million children will head back to Israeli schools on Sunday. But what kind of education are they getting? The majority of the public would prefer to pay more taxes, in exchange for funding of education from birth for all Israeli children; The respondents defined the main factor impacting the quality of education, is the quality of teaching in schools; Moreover, most Israelis would not encourage their children to work as teachers in the future

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Towards the new school year the Israel Democracy Institute conducted a survey to examine what Israelis think about the education their children are receiving.  

Main Findings

Respondents were asked about their positions on various issues related to the education system. Almost two thirds (65%) of respondents identified the quality of educational staffs is the main factor affecting the quality of their children's education, while 48% cited the quality of instruction , and 18%-- the quality of management. Another 18% responded that the major factor impacting on the quality of their children’s education is the number of students in the class, and about 12% --the school’s budget. 

What do you think has the greatest impact on the quality of education of your children or children in your neighborhood? (, N-468; in %)

Only 14% reported that—in principle, they would encourage their son or daughter to become teachers, and 15% replied that they did not know if they would do so. The majority, 71%, responded that for various reasons they would not encourage their children to become teachers.

In principle, would you encourage your son or daughter to become a teacher? (N-468; in %)

Only 16% of the respondents believe that the education system provides equal opportunities for all ; 84% think it does not, of which 47% think that education in Israel’s geographic and social periphery is of lower quality, and 25% think children with learning disabilities do not get what they need.

Does the education system in Israel provide equal opportunities? (%, multiple responses were possible)

Most respondents (62%) think that the state should fund free education from birth, even if it means raising taxes, among whom 29% responded “definitely yes” to this question . In contrast, only 28% think that the state should not, of which 6% responded “definitely not”.

In your opinion, do you think the state should provide free education from birth, even if it means a certain raise in taxes? (in %)

• The survey was conducted in July 2019 by the Smith Institute for the Israel Democracy Institute, among the general population of Israel.

• The survey is based on a representative sample of the population by gender, age, region of residence, nationality, education, and level of religious observance (among Jews).

• Sample size in the survey: N = 503 (unless otherwise indicated on the graph).