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Supreme Court Ruling on Law for Regulating Settlements

Prof. Amichai Cohen explains the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the Land Arrangements law.

Flash 90

Prof. Amichai Cohen, Senior Researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute and the author of a professional opinion on the Regulation Law, reacted to the Supreme Court's ruling this evening:

"The Law for Regulating Settlements in Judea and Samaria is intended to address the basic needs Israelis living in communities in these areas. The problem, however, is largely caused by illegal conduct by both Israeli authorities and the settlers over the years. As the Supreme Court has determined, the way to resolve this matter, cannot be to perpetuate additional violations against the rights of Palestinians, who are unrepresented in Israel's decision-making institutions and also must be protected due to their status as a population inhabiting territory under military control."

Cohen added: "The Supreme Court's ruling emphasizes the disparity in status between Israeli settlers and the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria and should serve as a sign for caution ahead of plans to apply Israeli sovereignty in these territories."