Education Policy Program

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    Dr. Tammy Hoffman

    Head; Research Fellow

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    Lecturer and the Kibbutzim College of Education; Head of the Regev Education Program for Outstanding Students, and member of the steering committee of the Lautman Forum for Education Policy.

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    Meital Baron

    Research Assistant

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Education can exist without democracy - however democracy cannot exist without education for democracy

If the teachers in the state system do not address current events and introduce their pupils to diverse worldviews, Israeli schools will continue to exist as a bubble.

Considering current political tensions and tendencies regarding the education system, we asked the Israeli general public questions that can reflect public opinion concerning some possible predispositions that stake holders should take into consideration. Especially regarding the role of teachers in a politically divided reality, the role of the education system in promoting education for democracy and a reflection about the inherent divisions in the system and the challenges they pose to society as a whole.

In order to make a fundamental change we must start treating teaching as a national-priority profession

As Israel celebrates its 74th birthday - what must be done to bolster social solidarity? Education, education and education!

The Israeli discourse on Holocaust remembrance lacks depth and is too far removed from profound and complex study of the critical significance of its Jewish, as well as of its universal, lessons.

How many generations of Israelis will be educated without the tools they need to commit to the values of inclusion, respect for the other, and equality?

The education system must cultivate political and civic literacy of today’s pupils and tomorrow’s citizens


The pandemic offers a chance for much-needed educational reform, but the hasty return is raising fears that the opportunities presented by the crisis for truly driving the education system forward into the 21st century are being missed

After three contentious election campaigns, Israel's new government has been sworn in. IDI's experts weigh-in with their recommendations on the most important issues on the agenda. Dr. Tammy Hoffman outlines policy recommendations for the new Minister of Education.