• Open to the public

Council for Higher Education: Where to Now?

Tel Aviv University, Trubowicz Building, Malka Brander Hall of Justice (Keis HaMishpat Hall)

The public is invited to participate in the 33rd meeting of the forum to discuss issues facing the higher education system in Israel in a symposium entitled "The Council of Higher Education: Where to Now?"

Opening Remarks

Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund—Chair of the "Basha'ar Academic Community for Israeli Society" association and former President of Hebrew University


  • Prof. Peretz Lavie—President of the Technion Israel Institute for Technology and chairman of the Association of University Heads 
  • Prof. Mordechai (Mota) Kremnitzer—Vice President of Research, Israel Democracy Institute
  • Prof. Moshe Maor—Wolfson Family Professor of Public Administration, Department of Political Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Panel Discussion: Conclusions and Projections

Moderator: Prof. Ze'ev Tadmor, former President of Technion Israel Institute of Technology and Chairman of the Board of the Technion's Samuel Neaman Institute for National Policy Research

  • Prof. Ami Wollensky, Tel Aviv University and Former Chief Scientist, Ministry of Education
  • Prof. Nehemia Friedland, Former President, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo
  • Prof. Eilon Vaadia, Director of the Edmund and Lily Safra Brain Science Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

This discussion is open to the public.

RSVP to bashaar@bashaar.org.il or call 03-642-4895.