Press Release

10 Past Ministers Come Out Against Changes to Public Broadcasting Law

Ministers from parties ranging from National Religious to Meretz say they support the complete separation of politics and media

Earlier this week, the Forum of Former Ministers, a program of the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI), held a discussion about proposed changes to Israel’s media laws in general, and specifically the proposal to establish a national regulatory authority for the media, which would supervise the media in general and public broadcasting in particular.

The large majority of ministers in attendance agreed that the current law, which separates public broadcasting from politics, is good and sound. The ministers said there is no reason to change the law, and in a declaration they called on current government ministers and heads of parties not to vote for any changes.

The ministers that signed the declaration include, Yossi Beilin, Dan Meridor, Ophir Pines-Paz, Meir Sheetrit, Avraham Poraz, Shaul Yahalom, Efraim Sneh, Orit Noked, Ilan Shalgi and Avraham Shochat.

Former Minister Yoram Aridor held the minority stance. According to Aridor, in order to ensure balance in public broadcasting, there is today a need for the government to be involved.


About the Forum of Former Ministers

The Forum of Former Ministers meets periodically to discuss issues on the public agenda. Drawing on the participants’ experiences as former ministerial decision makers, the forum makes practical and implementable recommendations to the government and legislators on matters of special importance in the government and public realm.

The forum turns to IDI as a collaborative partner and as a source of research, which can be presented to members ahead of upcoming discussions. Members propose recommendations, which are then approved by the forum's chairmen: Yoram Aridor, Yossi Beilin and Dan Meridor. Professor Mordechai Kremnitzer, vice president of research at IDI, helps facilitate the forum’s work on behalf of the institute.