Press Release

IDI's Malach: 'Kahlon Net Family Plan Could Give a Boost to Haredi Middle Class, Too'

Statement by IDI's Dr. Gilad Malach:

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s Net Family Plan is in theory not targeted toward the haredi community, as its intention is to assist middle class families in which two parents are working and the families make the minimum wage required to be taxed, or are living in communities with middle to high cost of living. Nonetheless, the decision could give a boost to the haredi middle class, which has been developing over the last several years, by increasing the incentive for haredim to seek a higher education and for both parents to work. The attention the government has been giving to ensuring not only that haredim obtain employment, but receive quality employment, was recently reinforced by a cabinet decision. In this instance, a decision that has no direct connection to the ultra-Orthodox population can create for haredim significant incentives to enter the workforce and academia.