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Dr. Gilad Malach

Director, Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program

Dr. Gilad Malach is the Director of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel program at the Israel Democracy Institute and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. His doctoral dissertation on public policy regarding the ultra-Orthodox community won the Israel Political Science Association’s best dissertation award for 2013.

His research focuses on public policy as it pertains to the ultra-Orthodox in various fields, including on issues critical to the community's integration into Israel's economy and society. These include employment--primarily increasing ultra-Orthodox participation in the workforce, reform of the ultra-Orthodox education system, the economic situation and expenditure patterns among Haredi households, higher education and poverty. He was director of implementation of the Gabison-Meidan Covenant Project at the Avi Chai Foundation and content manager of the Committee on Sharing the Security Burden in the Eighteenth Knesset.

Areas of expertise

Policies for the ultra-Orthodox population in employment; higher education, and army service.

For interviews: Danae Marx or 052-4334557

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