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Dr. Lee Cahaner

Research Fellow, Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program

Dr. Lee Cahaner, a social geographer, is a senior lecturer and head of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Oranim Academic College of Education. Cahaner is also a research associate in the Israel Democracy Institute's Ultra-Orthodox in Israel Program. Her work deals with, among other things, the development of Haredi space in Israel, and the "modern Haredi" subgroups. She is also a member of the thinking and planning teams of government ministries that focus on the ultra-Orthodox community. Her book Modern Ultra-Orthodoxy: The Emerging Haredi Middle Class in Israel (coauthored with Dr. Haim Zicherman) was published in 2012. She was guest editor of the Israeli journal Democratic Culture's special issue on modern ultra-Orthodoxy (2017). Her book Ultra-Orthodox Society on the Axis Between Conservatism and Modernity was published in 2020, and she coedits The Yearbook of Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel, published annually by the Israel Democracy Institute (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021).

Contact information:; 050-5735882

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