Statistical Report on Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel



Chap. 1

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Ultra-Orthodox Population

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox population numbers 1,125,000, that is – 12% of Israel’s total population. Their young age at marriage coupled with the relatively large number of children per family, lie behind the community’s high rate of population growth (4% annually), as compared to that of Israel’s population overall (1.9% annually). Therefore, while Israel’s population and that of other developed countries – are aging, the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel is very young: more than half of its members are under age 16. If the current rates of growth among the Haredim are maintained, the size of this community will double every 16 years.

Figure 1: Population Projections by Population Group, 2019–2064 

** The Statistical Report on Ultra-Orthodox Society in Israel is based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, government ministries and authorities, and the National Insurance Institute.