The Parties Law in Israel

Between a Legal Framework and Democratic Norms

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A collection of articles related to the Parties Law. What conditions dictate the need for a Parties Law in a democratic regime? Why was the Parties Law enacted in Israel? To what extent does the law contribute to the internalization of democratic values?

In a democracy, what conditions require the enactment of a law regulating political parties? Why was such a law passed in Israel now, after 20 years of public discussion? How much does this law contribute to internalizing the democratic values at the basis of the Israeli system of government? What is the legal status of political parties after the passage of the Parties Law 5752-1992?

In addition to clarifying the above questions, the articles in this volume include a guide to issues that must be resolved before a party can be registered and appendices that include the text of Israel's Parties Law, sample party bylaws, and other documents relevant the Parties Law.

“When we wrote the chapters, we had our target readers in mind: citizens who want to learn how the Parties Law will affect the role, status, and character of the Israeli political party; party members who want to know how the law will affect their ability to participate and influence their party’s character and path; activists of existing and future political parties who want guidance on what they need to do after the Parties Law comes into force; and current and future legislators, who hopefully will be interested in the various proposals for additions and amendments to the Parties Law that are found in the chapters of this volume.”