The Integration of Peripheral Groups into Society and Politics in the Peace Era

Volume I: The Haredim in Israel

Policy Paper No. 9

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A policy paper that discusses the integration of Israel's ultra-Orthodox community into society and politics in the era of peace. It includes four possible scenarios of ultra-Orthodox responses to the State of Israel in peacetime, and proposes reforms aimed at incorporating the rights of the ultra-Orthodox community into the political and democratic legitimacy of the state.

This position paper discusses the integration of the ultra-Orthodox into society and politics in the peace era. The authors investigate four possible scenarios of Haredi response to the State of Israel in peacetime and suggest three types of reform that would help integrate this group’s rights with sovereign and democratic legitimacy. The scenarios are based on the collection and analysis of primary data, research studies, press reports, the minutes of meetings and conferences, press clippings, and additional material that deals with Haredi groups. It is important to note that a scenario is not a way of foreseeing the future but a method of dealing with the uncertainty that is a part of our future political and social development. It is hoped that the scenarios will improve decision-makers’ ability to formulate possible policy directions.