Democratic Culture in Israel and in the World, Volume XIV

Volume 14 of the trailblazing academic journal published by IDI and Bar-Ilan University Press, now in English.

Israel's democracy is still in its formative years. Like a sapling, the depth of its roots and the span of its branches remain unclear. Democracy in Israel bears the deep imprint of Jewish history, a national narrative characterized by the lack of political sovereignty and the absence of a legacy of governance. Furthermore, the maturation process is complicated by the collective memory of a minority — a people repeatedly persecuted and unremittingly suspicious of the "other."

Today, the Israeli experiment presses on through a volatile period marked by the struggle of diverse communities of immigrants to mount a Zionist revival in an environment that abounds with existential threats. Israeli democracy seeks to balance these two rival civilizations, which are both powerful and firmly entrenched. One carries the mantle of Jewish tradition and history; the other, that of Western Liberalism. Each of these two civilizations has an exclusive set of value structures, norms, institutions, and authorities, and the relationship between them is dialectical and complex. Israeli Democracy continues to develop under the polarizing shadow and profound influence of these two systems.

This reality gives rise to a vital need to clarify and address questions related to the character of democratic life in Israel. For this purpose, IDI, in partnership with Bar Ilan University Press and Law School, launched Democratic Culture. This trailblazing academic journal is a platform for research and scholarly debate on both the universal aspects of democratic culture, as well as on questions related exclusively to Israeli democracy, with a focus on the relationship between the institutions and substance of democracy and the unique characteristics of Judaism and Zionism. We believe that the exploration of these relations will make a valuable contribution to Israeli society, enhancing national self-understanding and assisting us to chart our collective future.

Democratic Culture is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal that includes articles in relevant fields of study within the social sciences, humanities, law, and Jewish studies. Contents and abstracts for the English edition of Volume XIV can be found below.

Iris Brown (Hoizman)
"I Shall Work": Justifications for and Consequences of Ultra-Orthodox Women Shouldering the Burden of Breadwinning

Pini Ifergan
Karl Löwith and Hans Blumenberg: "Neither Jewish nor German"

Gideon Katz and Nir Kedar
Secular Israeli Intellectuals on Judaism Udi Lebel The Limits of Victimization and the Molding of a Hierarchy of Bereavement: The Victims of Terror in the Context of the Waning and Waxing of the Republican Bereavement Discourse in Israel

Nissim Leon
The Cassette is the Message: Fundamentalism, Communication and Political Recruitment in the Shas Movement

Dov Schwartz
Has Zionism Concluded its Role? A Religious Zionist Perspective

Yedidia Z. Stern
The Crisis of Identity of the State of Israel

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