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Slamming wartime misinformation while shaking hands with the man responsible for it

Israeli leaders are calling for the end of disinformation in the war while shaking hands with the man behind so much of it - Elon Musk. The current war has turned X into a human behavior experiment, and we are the lab rats. 


Is Police Use of Facial Recognition Technology a Pandora's Box?

The government is advancing a bill that will enable the police to use facial recognition technology by the police. Use of such technology by the police raises a number of critical issues. 


Below the radar of legislators and the public, AI systems used by the police are making "predictions" about who might commit crimes

AI technology is being used by the police in Israel without sufficient public and professional debate. This goes to the heart of issues of human and civil rights.


The Israeli Public Has a Right to Know About Illegal Surveillance

Innocent Israelis should have the right to know about illegal surveillance– and the appropriate tools at their disposal to hold those responsible accountable for infringements on their privacy.


The Collapsed Bridge Loan: Israel’s Shin Bet Location Tracking of Omicron Carriers

Israel reinstated contact-tracing activities by the Israel Security Agency to track carriers of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Five days later, it halted the ISA’s contact-tracing activities, due to a lack of parliamentary support.


Facebook is toxic in Hebrew too — Israelis must be protected

It's up to lawmakers to enact privacy protection, outlaw predatory marketing and hold social media providers in Israel accountable for the harm they do


The Sins of the Digital Era

Social media narrows our range of information by spreading misinformation.


Regulating Offensive Online Speech—Are the Times Finally A-Changin’?

The fast-moving escalation in the conflict between President Trump and Twitter in the last week of May may prove in hindsight to be a watershed development for the legal architecture of online social media.

Press Release

Zoom's Scandalous Privacy Policy

IDI Expert Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler: "Now is the time for the appropriate regulatory authorities to act and protect the privacy of Zoom's users."


The NSO Affair – What is Allowed and What is Forbidden in Online Surveillance?

Does the law allow the use of spyware against any citizen, and who oversees the process? Is there any way of knowing if we are being followed? IDI experts explain


Metaverse Has Same, if not Worse, Issues as Facebook Did

Everyone’s talking about “META,” Facebook’s new name, and the thrilling future world of virtual and augmented reality in which we will communicate, shop, play, and even work. Are we entering a new chapter of the internet’s history, in which we will merge with events and don’t just watch them on screen? Mark Zuckerberg thinks so, as he wrote: “The defining quality of the metaverse is presence, which is this feeling that you're really there with another person or in another place.”