IDI Proposals in Response to the Judicial Overhaul

Publications Regarding IDI Proposals in Response to the Judicial Overhaul



Can a unified Israel rise from the ashes of the Hamas war?

While we entered this war more divided than ever – and with large numbers even saying that they believed civil war to be a possibility – Israelis today are united in their determination to win.


Protests are Necessary—But So Is Decentralization

When Israeli liberals depend solely on the Supreme Court for checks and balances, they are taking a big risk. It is essential to add veto points as human rights in Israel should not depend on the Supreme Court alone - decentralization of government is key. 


Does Israel Really Need Judicial Reform? 5 Better Ways to Fix Judiciary

5 other ideas for upgrading Israel's judicial system – without destroying democracy, doing away with the mechanisms for oversight of the government or harming our basic rights.


Israel’s Unfinished Democracy

As the international community ponders Gaza’s post-war future, Israelis are increasingly focused on what the ‘day after’ holds for their politics and society.