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Symposium: The National Religious Sector in Israel 2014

The Israel Democracy Institute 4 Pinsker Street, Jerusalem

In recent decades, Jewish Israeli society has experienced a shift of elites and ideologies, including the systematic movement of the national religious camp from the margins to the socio-political center stage. The transformation of Israeli society has strategic implications for the country’s character, the balance of power within the ruling institutional system, the national agenda, and even the foreign and defense policies of the state.

On Tuesday January 27, 2015, IDI hosted a symposium in honor of the Guttman Center's publication of a major study of the national religious sector in Israel. The evening focused on four main topics:

  • The characteristics of the national religious sector
  • The authority of the state vs. the authority of rabbinic leaders
  • The changing status of women
  • The creation and consumption of media and culture

This Hebrew event was broadcast live on the IDI website and can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

This project has been made possible by the generosity of
an anonymous foundation that operates in Israel.