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Yair Sheleg

Researcher, Religion and State Program        

A researcher, journalist, author, and publicist, Yair Sheleg has been an astute observer of the religious-Zionist world for many years. He served as a reporter for the newspaper Nekuda and was a member of the editorial board of Haaretz. He is currently a member of the editorial board of Makor Rishon and the author of a weekly column. In 2000, Sheleg published his book The New Religious Jews: Recent Developments among Observant Jews in Israel (Keter Publishing), which documents major processes in all facets of religious society.

Areas of expertise

Issues of religion and state (Shabbat, kashrut, conversion); the development of religious Zionism; settlers; the concept of a Jewish and democratic state; the view of Judaism in Israeli society.

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Books written by Yair Sheleg