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How to battle government corruption?

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Battling government corruption

In recent years we have seen one Prime Minister, several ministers and numerous mayors charged and convicted on corruption. But most people enter politics for idealistic reasons and with good intentions. So what went wrong? Studies in behavioral ethics show most of us lie in certain situations, we tend to regard our own situation as more moral than it actually is. Gifts, speaking engagements and nepotism and dangerous scenarios – much more than taking envelopes stuffed with cash, an exceedingly rare occurrence.  The government must hold politicians accountable for the lies they tell themselves. How do we combat government corruption?  Develop a clear code of ethics to prevent impunity, use technology to increase transparency in decision making and work processes between the private and public sectors. We need to change public perceptions of whistle blowers. Political gatekeepers must remain independent which can only be done if they are not political appointments. The fight against corruption is a long slow process, which will not produce national headlines, however it is the only way forward if we want a more honest, egalitarian and just society.