Ancillary Legislation

Publications Regarding Ancillary Legislation



The Supreme Court Hearing on the Incapacitation Law

The Supreme Court hearing on September 28th, 2023 will focus on the question of whether the amendment should be interpreted as being valid only in the future, to remedy the perception of personal benefit for the current prime minister.


The Abandonment of Arab Israelis

Ditching the 5-year plan for the Arab sector will have adverse long-term effects on the Arab's sector ability to integrate into Israel's shared society.


Karhi’s Broadcast Legislation – Reform or Ruination?

The broadcast system in Israel certainly needs to be reformed in various ways, but Communications Minister Karhi's proposals all include a political twist that transform reform into ruination.


On the link between reasonableness and incapacitation

Less than 24 hours after the Knesset passed the “Reasonableness Law” the attorney general filed her professional opinion to the Supreme Court on an entirely different matter: the “Incapacitation Law.” What do the two amendments share in common?


Explainer: Israel's High Court of Justice and the Incapacitation Law

The term "incapacitation" refers to a situation in which a government official is unable to perform their duty. The previous version of the law did not detail what constitutes incapacitation, nor who is authorized to declare incapacitation. The current version is accused of being personal and political.  


What is “Incapacity” and what are the Implications of a Prime Minister’s Incapacity?

When is the Attorney General empowered to declare that the Prime Minister is incapable of fulfilling his duties? When does temporary incapacity become permanent? What has the Court ruled in the past about a declaration of incapacity concerning Benjamin Netanyahu?


Death Penalty for Terrorists Bill is Not Constitutional and Will Deal Grievous Harm to Israel

The proposed bill contravenes the basic values of the State of Israel, flouts international treaties Israel has signed and will limit its moral superiority over terrorists. The bill will expose Israel to harsh international condemnation, and it will hamper, rather than alleviate efforts in the war against terror.


The Operational Independence of the Police: A Fundamental Principle in Foreign Legal Systems and Should Apply in Israel as Well

The bill to amend the Police Ordinance has been compared to practices in other countries - however it ignores the fact that other countries have in place procedures that guarantee the operational independence of the police when it implements the policies laid down to guide its actions