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Dr. Arik Rudnitzky

Researcher, Arab Society in Israel Program

Dr. Rudnitzky has been researching Arab Israeli issues for almost two decades. His fields of expertise cover political, national and social developments in Israel's Arab society; Jewish-Arab relations; and government policies on Arabs in Israel. Rudnitzky holds PhD degree from the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Bar-Ilan University, as well as MA (magna cum laude) and BA degrees in Middle Eastern History from the Faculty of Humanities and an MBA degree from the Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University.

Some of Dr. Arik Rudnitzky's notable works include:

  • Arab Voter Turnout in Knesset Elections: The Real, the Ideal, and Hope for Change (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, 2020).
  • Non-Formal Education in Arab Society in Israel: Vision and Reality (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, 2018). [with Nasreen Hadad Haj-Yahya]
  • “Do the Jews have a right to self-determination in Palestine? Islamic discourse in Israel.” In: Meir Hatina and Mohammad al-Atawnah (editors), Muslims in the Jewish State: Religion, Politics, Society (Tel Aviv: Hakibutz Hameuchad, 2018).
  • “Back to the Knesset? Israeli Arabs Vote in the 20th Knesset Elections”, Israel Affairs, vol. 22, no. 3-4 (2016), pp. 683-696.
  • The Arab Minority in Israel and the Discourse on the "Jewish State" (Jerusalem: Israel Democracy Institute, 2015).
  • Arab Citizens of Israel Early in the Twenty-First Century (Tel Aviv: The Institute for National Security Studies, July 2014).
  • “The Contemporary Historiographical Debate in Israel on Government Policies on Arabs in Israel during the Military Administration Period (1948-1966)”, Israel Studies, 19.1 (Spring 2014), pp. 24-47.
  • The Bedouin Population in the Negev: Social, Demographic and Economic Factors (Neve Ilan: The Abraham Fund Initiatives, 2011).
  • Arab Society in Israel: Information Manual (Neve Ilan: The Abraham Fund Initiatives, 2009). [with Elie Rekhess]

Photo by: Oded Antman

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