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Hila Shoef Kollwitz

Hila Shoef-Kollwitz is an economics and policy researcher in the Civil Service Reform program, in the Israel Democracy Institute's Center for Governance and the Economy. She has a bachelor's degree from the Hebrew University in the combined program "Philosophy, Economics and Political Science (PPE)", and a master's degree from Oxford University in the Department of Economic History.

Shoef-Kollwitz is currently a PhD student at Tel Aviv University in the Department of Public Policy, and her doctoral research focuses on the impact of adopting health technologies on how institutions and systems deal with the COVID crisis. In the past, she directed an institute for socio-economic research at Tel Aviv University, and served as an economist in the budgeting and pricing division of the Ministry of Health. Hila engages in a variety of research areas in the world of economics and public policy, including health economics, environmental economics, public policy in education, behavioral economics, and inequality in Israeli society.


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