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Data Israel, the largest and most encompassing public opinion research database in Israel was launched today and is open to the public free of charge. You can find answers to questions regarding Israeli society dating back to 1949. How did the public view the chances of reaching peace with Egypt before and after Sadat's visit? What did the Israelis think about their leaders from Ben-Gurion to Netanyahu? How did the public view the American Presidents throughout the years? How many Israelis feel that Jews in Israel and Jews in the Diaspora share a common fate?

Data Israel, which includes the largest and most encompassing online public opinion research database in Israel, was launched today. The database includes approximately 1,200 public opinion surveys published between 1949 and 2018. The Data Israel website enables search by dates, keywords and types of surveys, and creates accessible and fast statistical reports.

The work behind building the database, which lasted two years, included scanning and typing hundreds of surveys that have been preserved in the Guttman Center archives for decades, in order to present developments and trends in the 70 years of Israel's existence. The work was conducted by the research team headed by Prof. Tamar Hermann, head of the Guttman Center for Public Opinion Research and Policy at the Israel Democracy Institute.

 The Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute is the reincarnation of the Institute for Applied Social Research founded by Louis Guttman in 1947, which was the first and largest public opinion research institute in Israel. Guttman focuses on public opinion surveys and regular indicators on a variety of subjects relating to Israeli society and democracy.

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