How to Improve the Knesset's Legislative and Supervisory Role

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  • Cover Type: Softcover | Hebrew
  • Number Of Pages: 192 Pages
  • Center: Political Reform Program

A Hebrew booklet for decision-makers that summarizes recommendations made in two IDI publications: <em>Legislative Oversight of the Executive Branch in Israel</em> and <em>Reforming Israel's Political System. </em>

The Knesset is one of the main arenas for the elucidation of essential issues that face the country and for making decisions about them. However, a variety of problems impede the Knesset's ability to do its job properly.ל

This booklet is based on two IDI publications: Legislative Oversight of the Executive Branch in Israel: Current Status and Proposed Reform, by Chen Friedberg Reuven Y. Hazan (Policy Paper 77, 2009); and Reforming Israel’s Political System, an anthology edited by Gideon Rahat, Shlomit Barnea, Chen Friedberg, and Ofer Kenig (2013). It summarizes various failures in the Knesset’s work in two main areas—legislation and supervision of the executive branch—and reviews the most important proposals for improving the functioning of the legislature.

The Hebrew booklet, which is designed for Israeli decision-makers and all those interested in political reform in Israel, has four sections. The first deals with private members’ bills, while the remaining sections explore the oversight of the executive branch by means of Knesset committees, the Knesset plenum, and the budget. Adoption of the proposed changes would bolster the Knesset’s ability to supervise the government and help improve its performance with regard to legislation.