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Colonel (Res.) Dr. Liron A. Libman

FORMER Research Fellow, Amnon Lipkin-Shahak Program on National Security and Democracy, Center for Security and Democracy

Liron Libman served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as Chief Military Prosecutor and Head of the International Law Department. Following Operation Cast Lead and the Goldstone Report, Libman participated in the international legal campaign about the potential ramifications of these developments. Libman took part both in legal advice in advance, and in presenting the Israeli case following, the Marmara Affair (Gaza Flotilla) before the Israeli public commission (the Turkel commission) and international fora. Libman has a master’s degree in law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and is a graduate of the IDF's Commander and General Staff College. 

Currently, Libman is conducting research into the subject of deterrence and the use of military force in international law, as part of his doctoral dissertation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

In addition, Libman is a private practice attorney, lecturer and mediator.

Areas of expertise

military law, laws of war and criminal law



Recent Publications written by Colonel (Res.) Dr. Liron A. Libman