Press Release

Haredim Must Be Drafted Via Financial Incentives, Not Criminal Sanctions

Following reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking a compromise on the inclusion of sanctions in the legislation for the ultra-Orthodox draft, Prof. Yedidia Stern welcomed the Prime Minister's initiative.

"I congratulate the Prime Minister for his involvement. The ultra-Orthodox draft is an issue with national implications and a solution requires a broad consensus," said Stern. "The path to drafting the Haredim must be through immediate financial incentives, and not through using future criminal sanctions of questionable effectiveness."

Stern, a member of the 2012 Plesner Committee for Advancing Equality in Sharing the Burden, has appeared before the Shaked Committee on Haredi Enlistment. Stern co-authored a proposal for drafting Haredim, A Framework for Ultra-Orthodox Conscription, and recently published an op-ed entitled "Is the Shaked Committee's Bill Destined to be Overturned?"

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