poverty and inequality

Publications Regarding poverty and inequality



Shmita: Rest, Share, Release

An exploration of the existential, social, and economic dimensions of the Shmita year, that calls for bringing together social, moral, cultural, religious and national forces to implement the idea of Shmita in non-agricultural and national contexts in Israel.


Social Justice in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel

An article by members of IDI’s Arab-Jewish Relations research team, which explores the lack of social justice for Israel’s Arab minority in three areas: employment, healthcare, and the public sphere.

Individual and Communal Responsibility for the Poor in the Jewish and Democratic State

Why didn't the religious community in Israel participate in the socio-economic protest of the summer of 2011? IDI Senior Fellow Prof. Shahar Lifshitz reflects on this question and discusses the need to develop a pluralistic language that includes both particularistic Jewish values and universal democratic values.


State Involvement in Equitable Distribution: A Comparison of the Jewish and Arab Sectors in Israel

An article on the role of the State in the redistribution of economic resources during the first decade of the 21st century, which was written as part of IDI’s Arab-Jewish Relations project.


How to Fight Poverty in Israel Without Costing Israelis a Shekel

In an article originally published in the Forward, Prof. Momi Dahan argues that it is possible to fight and reduce poverty without increasing taxes.