Elections 2021

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Voting Patterns in Knesset Elections 2021 Vs. 2020

In the March 2021 elections, Israel's fourth in two years, voter turnout was down throughout the country. Yet a comparison to the last round of elections in 2020 shows how a more substantial downturn in voting in religious and rightwing strongholds resulted in a significant weakening of Netanyahu's Likud party.


A Minority Government? A Prime Minister from a Small or Medium-Sized Party? You’d Be Surprised…

Prof. Ofer Kenig presents examples of parliamentary democracies in which the Prime Minister is from a small party.



Final Election Results 2021

One of the most striking elements to emerge from the preliminary results is that the current Knesset is going to be much more fragmented


Disqualification of Electoral Lists and Candidates by the Central Elections Committee

In Israel any individual or organization can request the disqualification of an electoral list - also interesting to note that there is no equivalent to the Central Elections Committee in any other democratic state

Press Release

Israel Barring Entry to its Own Citizens in COVID Clampdown

Setting sweeping restrictions on Israeli citizens’ ability to return to the country from overseas is extremely problematic from a constitutional perspective and is without parallel in the democratic world


Israeli Democracy in 2021: Close To Breaking Point?

In the midst of a fourth election in two years, IDI President Yohanan Plesner sat down with the Tel Aviv Review to discuss how Israel can emerge from the ongoing political crisis that has left it without a stable government, a state budget and an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


IDI Holds Forum With Party Leaders for First-Time Voters

In a special broadcast ahead of the March election, first-time voters were given the opportunity to pose difficult questions to leaders of the major parties.


Who's Running? The Final Lists of Parties and Candidates for the 24th Knesset

The final list of parties and candidates have been submitted and it appears that at least 20, perhaps even 30, of the 120 MKs elected in 2020 will not serve in the next Knesset.


Gearing up for the Elections in a Political Town: Kafr Qassem a Test Case

Arab Israelis want to see their representatives in the Knesset and are willing to go out to vote to ensure this happens. Kafr Qassem could be the test case for the larger Arab community who are more likely to vote if they feel that their Knesset members are representing them faithfully.