Publications Regarding Liberalism



The Sanctions Against Israelis

The US, the UK, France and other states have announced the imposition of economic sanctions on Israeli residents who are believed to be complicit in 'settler violence.' This document aims to outline the framework of international economic sanctions and contextualize the sanctions imposed on Israelis. 


The Liberal-Democratic Camp Will Keep on Losing Elections

Change will come only by engaging in an extended struggle over values, and by offering a true Jewish-democratic alternative in which both components are strong and complement one another


Whatever Happened to the Likud's Liberal Values?

Dr. Amir Fuchs looks at how far removed today’s Likud is from the Likud of yesteryear, both in terms of personalities and ideologies


No, Democracies Don't Have "Cultural Loyalty" Laws

The truth is that the bill was designed to castrate expression and creativity, and induce self-censorship by artists and cultural institutions.


Beit Shemesh and Tel Aviv

How despicable is a mob that calls for non-partisanship but is unwilling to listen to a voice that speaks for a majority of Israelis today?


What Might Jabotinsky Say About the Actions of the 20th Knesset?

Some 76 years ago, on August 4, Ze'ev Jabotinsky, one of the most prominent Zionist thinkers and leaders, founder and head of the Revisionist movement, Betar youth group and the Irgun paramilitary organization, died prematurely. It is interesting to explore his views on matters related to democracy and liberalism.