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Most Israelis Trust Government Health Officials on Corona

IDI Coronavirus Survey finds that nearly half the population is pessimistic about Israel’s economic prospects


It Boils Down to Netanyahu’s Conspiracy Theories

Given the dark insinuations in the PM's request for Knesset immunity, a vote in his favor would be a vote of no-confidence in the rule of law


Cause or Effect? The Media's Role in Democratic Decline

What can the media do to safeguard democracy in an increasingly hostile environment? Susan Glasser, staff writer for The New Yorker and a participant in IDI’s recent Democracy Under Stress conference, analyzes the challenges facing American media.


An Uphill Start

In 2016, Israelis’ trust in the mass media reached an all-time low. But the decline seems to have bottomed out then; the increase in trust registered in 2017 has continued this year and reached 31%. This is still low as compared to many other institutions, but is all the same an improvement.


Cautious Optimism for the Established Media

Trust in Israeli media is on the rise, and that's a valuable lifeline to those whose job it is to keep the public informed.

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Protecting our Privacy

The Cambridge Analytica scandal raises troubling questions about the colossal amount of personal data now available online. Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler says that states must take more aggressive action to protect individual privacy and prevent private entities from hijacking elections.


Is it Trump, Zuckerberg or Us - Whose Fault is Fake News?

"Weak media leads to fake news"

David Zeev (Reshet Bet) talks to Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, 

The panel: Is it Trump, Zuckerberg or US - Whose Fault is Fake News? was held at the Globes-Israel Business Conference in Jerusalem on January 11, 2018.

Senior Israeli Reporters Discuss the Need for a Free and Independent Press

Especially now, it is important to remember: There is no watchdog that is more important, that barks louder or is more effective at safeguarding Israeli democracy.


In Governments Run by Humans, Freedom of Information is Necessary to Prevent Corruption

What is the state of freedom of information in Israel? Like in the US, there is good and bad news.

IDI President Plesner Responds to Liberman's Rebuke of Army Radio

IDI President Plesner Responds to Liberman's Rebuke of Army Radio


Social Networks: The Tools of Tyrants and Democrats Alike

Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler says rejoicing over the death of television and the birth of “intervision” is premature. This column was originally published by Times of Israel.


‘Spotlight’ Won the Oscar, But Can Investigative Journalism Survive In Today’s Media Environment?

The Oscar award-winning “Spotlight” captures the mix of frustration, joy, drudgery and thrill that goes into every great investigative story, reminding viewers of the power of investigative journalism to reveal the abuse of power in the public and private sectors. Could the Pulitzer-prize winning work of the Boston Globe be replicated today?

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Legal Opinion on the Israel Hayom Law

A summary of a legal opinion opposing the "Law for the Advancement and Protection of Print Journalism in Israel," which would prohibit the distribution of a full-sized daily newspaper in Israel free of charge.


Working the Net

In this article from The Seventh Eye, two journalists from  Globes explain discuss a new phenomenon: many journalists have abandoned reporting legwork and let their fingers do the walking, reproducing, sometime verbatim, anonymous content circulating on the web.


The Ethiopian Israeli Protests

What is the media's responsibility in covering the protests of the Ethiopian community against and what are the problems in the coverage?

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In Advance of Knesset vote on Israel Broadcasting Corporation, IDI calls on Ministers and MKs:

In preparation for the Knesset vote on Tuesday on the fate of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation (IBC), leaders at the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) are calling on ministers to vote against the memorandum so as not to participate “in this campaign of revenge and inappropriate personal legislation.”