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The Arab Israeli Vote in the 23rd Knesset Elections

The people had their say in these elections. A majority of the Arab Israeli public (65%) turned out to proclaim a resounding vote of confidence in the Joint List


Getting Stay-at-Home Potential Voters to the Polls for Israeli Elections

Rather than “packaging” voting as a political, civic and moral obligation, we should try instead to get these potential voters to think about the personal benefits to be gained by going to the polls.

Press Release

Camera Bill Legislation: Misuse of Political Power of a Transitional Government

An unprecedented decision that adversely affects the status of the Attorney General and constituted a misuse of political power by a transitional government.



Arab Politics in the 2019 Election Campaign

A review of political and ideological streams in Arab society in Israel - towards 2019 elections.


America: Land of Endless Voting Opportunities?

Dr. Ofer Kenig discusses the multiple ways in which the United States has facilitated the voting process in order to improve voter turnout, and suggests that Israel adopt a number of these innovations. This op-ed originally appeared in the Jerusalem Post


Expand Israeli Absentee Voting Rights

In this op-ed, which first appeared on the Times of Israel, IDI's Ofer Kenig argues that it is time to cautiously expand the right of absentee voting to more Israelis.


Who Doesn’t Vote in the Israeli Knesset Elections?

What has contributed to the decline in voter turnout in Israel? This article explores possible causes and presents a profile of the non-voters in the 2013 Knesset elections. The findings that it reports raise concerns about the value of equality in political participation in Israel.


The Electoral Threshold, Wasted Votes, and Proportionality

In the upcoming elections, the electoral threshold will be 3.25%, a big leap from the last elections. Will this higher hurdle deter voters from supporting small parties? Will it reduce the share of wasted votes? What impact will it have on the proportional nature of the electoral system?


The Israeli Municipal Elections 2013: Some Preliminary Findings

Dr. Nir Atmor, Dr. Dana Blander, and Assaf Shapira share some preliminary findings on voter turnout and women's representation in the Israeli municipal elections of 2013.


On the Decline in Voter Participation in Municipal Elections in Israel

Why is voter participation in local elections in Israel so low? Assaf Shapira explains the reasons behind this phenomenon, discusses its implications, and offers possible remedies.


Elections for the Local Authority – Who, What, When, Where and How?

An exploration of voter participation in municipal elections in Israel that explores the possible reasons for low voter turnout and proposes ways to increase citizen participation in local politics.


Despite it All – Israelis Must Vote

Fourth election in less than two years – so why should Israelis go out and vote?