Publications Regarding Knesset



Constructive Motions of No-Confidence: Q&As

IDI experts Prof. Gideon Rahat and Dr. Chen Friedberg explain what a Constructive No-Confidence Vote means for the stability of Israel’s government.



Women in Israeli Politics: 2022

As we mark International Women’s Day, there are a record number of women are in the Knesset (35) and in the government (9) but most senior government positions are still held by men.

Happy 73rd Birthday, Knesset!

As the Knesset, Israel’s legislature, marks its 73rd birthday, IDI is taking the opportunity to reflect on two of its characteristics; the social composition of its membership and its size as compared with other countries.


How Many Knesset Members Have Lasted in Politics Since 2009?

The data reflects a very high turnover rate in Israel's political system. This has both positive and negative aspects. On the one hand - a robust political system should be refreshed - but it can also be a symptom of a "sick" system


Halting Legislation in the Knesset and No Government Meetings

With the exception of issues related to the coronavirus pandemic, this Knesset has passed almost no legislation, and this government has met only rarely.


Disbanding the Knesset for Lack of an Approved Budget Makes No Sense

This law, unique to Israel, was meant as an incentive to avoid budgetary deadlock. Today, it sows instability.

Press Release

IDI Supports Enacting the “Norwegian Law”

Knesset members should be available for parliamentary legislation and oversight


Parliamentary Immunity: Explainer

After two MKs - Ofer Kasif and Ahmad Tibi - were allegedly involved in violence against police officers, IDI experts Dr. Amir Fuchs and Dr. Assaf Shapira explain the reasoning for and parameters of parliamentary immunity.