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From the World of Torah Study to the World of Work: Social Challenges and Employment Potential Among Haredi Yeshiva Students

This study was designed to assess the level of satisfaction among students in higher yeshivot (ages 17 and above), their personal and social challenges, and their attitudes toward possible alternatives to yeshiva studies, such as vocational training and employment.


I, Too, Have Come to my Senses: It is Time to Rethink the Haredi Role in Israeli Society

Dr. Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar proposes a model that resembles the secular educational system of colleges and universities to identify the most gifted torah scholars, who would receive a generous stipend. Others must rethink their role as part of Israeli society.

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The Impact of the Corona Crisis on the Ultra-Orthodox Community

The corona crisis has had serious economic repercussions for many households, including for members of Israel's ultra-Orthodox community. Survey findings indicate that while most of the ultra-Orthodox plan to cut back on their current expenditures, there are also quite a few households in which one of the spouses plans on increasing the scope of his or her employment, and in about one-fifth of the households- one of the spouses who has not previously worked, intends to now join the workforce.


The Financial Situation of Ultra-Orthodox Households Before and After the COVID-19 Crisis

What are the ramifications of recent developments, and especially of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the economic resilience of ultra-Orthodox households in Israel?