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Can a Criminal Defendant be Banned From Forming a Government?

Minister Gideon Saar's proposed bill preventing a criminal defendant from forming a government is unprecedented, but so is the reality in Israel.


The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

In the case of a MK against whom the attorney-general has decided to file an indictment, the members of his party and of his Knesset bloc vote as one.


Immunity for the Prime Minister: Explainer

IDI experts explain Israel’s immunity law, what happens when it’s requested and what the implications may be for the political system.


Only the Voters can Put a Prime Minister Out to Pasture

After lengthy deliberation, the attorney-general, who holds the statutory authority to file charges against him, decided to indict Netanyahu.


The Knesset is not a Sanctuary

This claim was first put forth in a letter from the Knesset’s legal adviser, Eyal Yinon, to the speaker of the Knesset with regard to the situation of MK Haim Katz.


Whatever Happened to the Override Clause?

It turns out that voters actually want robust judicial oversight - which explains why the Override Clause and placing limitations on judicial review have not been prominant in the election campaign

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Overwhelming Support for Retaining Judicial Review Among Right Wing-Voters

A special IDI survey examined attitudes of right wing voters and found that 42% of right-wing voters support a unity government and that 43% oppose additional political power for elected officials at the expense of the Judicial Branch of government.

Israeli Voice Index

62% Oppose the Immunity Law

A special survey finds that the 62% of the Israeli public is opposed to the Immunity Law, 47% think that if the law passes it should only be applied to new cases, and 39% oppose strengthening the Knesset at the expense of the courts


Everything you Wanted to Know About the Immunity Law

IDI experts provide an overview to the proposed Immunity Law that would grant members of Knesset automatic immunity from criminal prosecution

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Proposed Immunity Bill – Contempt for the Rule of Law

The current proposal conveys a harsh message of contempt for the rule of law and is in sharp contrast to the current trend in democratic countries


Disqualifying Zoabi: Bad for Security and Bad for Democracy

As the Central Elections Committee begins to debate disqualifying MK Hanin Zoabi and others from running for Knesset, IDI Senior Fellow Ami Ayalon writes that as distasteful as some of her words may be, banning Zoabi from running would be a victory for Israel's detractors.


On the Punishment of MK Hanin Zoabi by the Knesset Ethics Committee

IDI researcher Assaf Shapira provides background information on the decision of the Knesset Ethics Committee to suspend MK Hanin Zoabi for statements she made about the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers and about Operation Protective Edge.


Heart vs. Head: The Case of Hanin Zoabi

Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Admiral Ami Ayalon argue that while the heart has difficulty defending MK Hanin Zoabi's freedom of expression, the head demands that we object to the decision to remove her from parliamentary activity for six months.


Religious Incitement: A Test Case for Freedom of Speech?

In an op-ed in Yedioth Ahronoth, IDI Vice President Yedidia Z. Stern responds to the proposed "Dov Lior Bill" and decries the possibility that members of the clergy—of any religion—be above the law and immune from prosecution for incitement to violence when their religious teachings may encourage criminal behavior.


Parliamentary Immunity: Explainer

After two MKs - Ofer Kasif and Ahmad Tibi - were allegedly involved in violence against police officers, IDI experts Dr. Amir Fuchs and Dr. Assaf Shapira explain the reasoning for and parameters of parliamentary immunity.