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The Independence of the Israel Police and the Limits of Political Intervention in Its Operations

Israeli Supreme Court Hearing on what is known as the "Ben Gvir Amendment" to the Israel Police Ordinance.


The Threat of Militias Harm Democracy and the Stability of the State

A serious public and governmental discussion is needed regarding the privatization of internal security governance that we are currently witnessing, and its implications. This privatization threatens us all.


NSO in Israel: Would You Let the Police Handle Uranium?

NSO-Israel Police affair proves we need to rethink the way we oversee surveillance technologies. The solution: Israel needs a privacy czar


The NSO Scandal Should be an Earthquake for the Israel Police

Recent media reports alleging that the police are using controversial surveillance software to spy on Israeli citizens has troubling implications and the current Protection of Privacy Law is not equipped to cope with today’s reality. Israel badly needs new legislation that is up to the challenges of the information age.


Restrictions on Demonstrations: An International Comparison

As democracies struggle with the balance between health restrictions and freedom of assembly, Israel has limited protests to a one kilometer radius from their homes during the country's lockdown. How does this compare to other democracies?


Wanted: A Full-Time Police Commissioner 

As the police are increasingly drawn into a conflict between protecting the right to protest and attempts to politicize their work, it is clear that appointment of a full-time commissioner is long overdue


It Boils Down to Netanyahu’s Conspiracy Theories

Given the dark insinuations in the PM's request for Knesset immunity, a vote in his favor would be a vote of no-confidence in the rule of law

Press Release

IDI Releases 2019 Democracy Index

50% of Israelis Believe that the State of the Country is 'Good'. Conversely: 58% of Israelis Believe that Their Leadership is Corrupt and 59% of Israelis Think that Supreme Court Judges’ Rulings are Politically Biased

Press Release

Overwhelming Support for Retaining Judicial Review Among Right Wing-Voters

A special IDI survey examined attitudes of right wing voters and found that 42% of right-wing voters support a unity government and that 43% oppose additional political power for elected officials at the expense of the Judicial Branch of government.

Israeli Voice Index

The Positions of the Israeli Right-Wing

This special survey examines attitudes of right wing voters on a number of issues related to September's election including the possibility of a unity government and recent proposals that would limit judicial review and oversight of Knesset and government decisions. 


Education for Democracy as a Remedy for Violence

Attorney Amir Fuchs asserts that educating Israeli students regarding democracy and civics from a young age and throughout their education is the best way to prevent hatred, violence, and racism.


The "Anti-Pardon" Bill: Laws are not a Substitute for a Backbone

In an article in <em>The Times of Israel</em>, Attorney Amir Fuchs argues that legislation that would give judges the authority to sentence murderers to life in prison with no possibility of pardon is misguided and will not prevent terrorists from being released in future prisoner exchanges.


Building a Shared Society: On the Priorities of the Israel Police

Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer explains the importance of the fifth meeting of IDI's Police and Society Forum, which was dedicated to the question of partnership and transparency in the relationship between the Israel Police and Arab society.


Does Israel Need a Police Prosecution Department?

In an op-ed in <em>Haaretz</em>, IDI Vice President Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Dr. Guy Lurie call for reform that will abolish the Police Prosecution Department, leaving the Police to investigate and the Public Prosecution to bring criminal charges.


Separating the Prosecution from the Police

Most criminal cases in Israel are prosecuted by the Israel Police rather than by the State Prosecutor. Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer and Dr. Guy Lurie call for a division that would make the Police responsible for investigations and the State Prosecutor responsible for indictments and trials.


The NSO Affair – What is Allowed and What is Forbidden in Online Surveillance?

Does the law allow the use of spyware against any citizen, and who oversees the process? Is there any way of knowing if we are being followed? IDI experts explain


Task Number One for the Incoming Police Commissioner

The public has given the Police a failing grade for fairness and transparency. Does the public believe this can change? Not really.


The Ethiopian Israeli Protests

What is the media's responsibility in covering the protests of the Ethiopian community against and what are the problems in the coverage?