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Israelis Sharply Divided on the Question of a Two-State Solution in Return for US Assistance

Among Jewish Israelis, 75% on the Left support making progress toward a two-state solution to the conflict in return for American assistance, compared to 45% in the Center and only 21% on the Right.

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Overwhelming Majority of Jewish and Arab Israelis: The Release of all Hostages is a Goal of Importance

IDI's fifth War in Gaza survey finds that among Jewish Israelis, toppling Hamas and releasing the hostages are pivotal war-goals. The majority of respondents do not think that the government currently has a clear action for the day after the fighting ends, and there is rising support (56%) for an amendment to the Nation-State Law, to safeguard equality for non-Jewish citizens. 

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Most Israelis Prefer to Wait Until After the War to Designate Responsibility

The October 2023 edition of the Israeli Voice Index shows that a significant majority of Jewish Israelis trust the heads of the IDF over PM Netanyahu. If elections were to be held today, a majority of Israelis (55%) would vote for the same bloc they voted for in the last elections.

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30 years after the Oslo Accords: A large share of Israelis think it was wrong for Israel to enter the process

As we mark the 30th anniversary of the Oslo Accords this month, a larger share of Jewish respondents think it was incorrect to enter into that process, while the percentage of respondents who selected "don't know" was exceptionally large. 

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Many Israelis believe a deal with Saudi Arabia would strengthen PM Netanyahu politically

As it is widely known that negotiations have been underway between Israel and Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the United States, we asked two questions regarding the expected impact of the negotiations and a possible agreement on domestic matters.

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Israelis are deeply divided on the upcoming Supreme Court hearings

41.5% of coalition voters and 6% of opposition voters said that the Court lacks the authority to perform judicial review over Basic Laws passed by Knesset. 73% of Israelis agree that in order to bridge the divisions between the political camps, attempts should be made to reach a compromise. 

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Stabilizing the Economy and Combatting COVID by Imposing Restrictions

After more than 100 days in office – Israelis want the new government to prioritize stabilizing the economy and combatting COVID by imposing restrictions on the unvaccinated

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Israelis Hope for More Unity and Closing Socioeconomic Gaps

If a new government is formed Israelis think that strengthening unity and closing socioeconomic gaps are the highest priority

Special Survey

The Views of Israeli Voters

What are the views of Israelis on a range of subjects, and how do these views relate to their decision on who to vote for in the upcoming elections?

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Majority of Israelis: Netanyahu’s Efforts to Forge Ties with Arab Public Insincere

A large majority of Israelis think Netanyahu’s efforts to forge ties with Arab Israelis are insincere - 25% of Arab Israelis think they should nevertheless cooperate.

Press Release

The Israeli Voice Index – August 2020

As Israelis approach the Jewish new year, they are skeptical about the country's collective mood but personally optimistic about the future. The Israeli public is also pleased about the expected treaty with the UAE and skeptical about the longevity of the government.

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Israelis Pessimistic on the Country's Outlook but Hopeful on Peace with UAE

With the Jewish New Year approaching, Israelis are pessimistic on the country's outlook but hopeful on peace with UAE; 41% of Israelis think the upcoming year will be worse than the last; 68% of Israelis think that Israel will be heading to elections when the budget compromise between Likud and Blue and White expires in December.